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KeepTradeCut is a free dynasty fantasy football resource that crowdsources up-to-date dynasty rankings and values. Check out our trade calculator and rankings for 1QB and superflex.

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The most engaging fantasy app. “Honestly making the move and bringing my league to be on the sleeper app has to be the best decision I have made fantasy football wise!”. - AustintheMaleNurse. “Sleeper had everything we had been saying a fantasy app should have and more. Genuinely was blown away by how smooth it runs” - Asleeper7.He drops a few passes, but so did diontae before getting 180 targets in a season. Idk what everyone is watching if they don’t want to admit it at this point, he gets consistently targeted in the middle of the field and is a bully with the ball, constantly breaking tackles and running over guys. He’s a lite WR version of Pacheco honestly.Tank Dell - Now the most valuable Tank of the 2023 draft, Dell has really skyrocketed up the rankings as he's established a rapport with Stroud. The production is greatly exceeding guys drafted ahead of him. He's soared from a middle-round Dynasty Rookie pick to being a borderline 1st round value.Yes. Because in order to add another player to the trade it assumes the team receiving the additional player will have to drop someone. So the additional player needs to be more valuable than the difference to account for the value lost of opening up a roster spot. 11. Small-Replacement856 • 4 mo. ago.RoundaboutWays • 26 days ago. We do a pretty simple calculation into a weighted lottery for teams that miss the playoffs. PF / Max PF = % of total points possibly scored. Highest % get the highest number of ping pong balls and then we do the lottery drawing.

We’ve heard a lot about the North Korea nuclear threat, and how the Kim dynasty has declared war on the US. But how much do we really know about what goes on in that country? The Hermit Kingdom is notoriously secretive about its internal af...Yeah, Playerprofiler has his breakout age at 20.4, which is definitely late enough to be a red flag. There are a lot of late breakouts in that day 2 WR group, though (Mingo, Hyatt, Dell, Tillman were all >20, Tucker never broke out). And like you said, the production and physical stuff is all solid. 3. cjfreel •.

r/DynastyFF • We analyzed start/sit decisions across 200+ leagues -- here are the players that are most over-respected, disrespected, and prone-to-errors. ...

There's so many good ones and guys who can score 10-12 points a game can be found anywhere. Addison is a great player but his size and athletic profile give him some hurdles to get over. Football is played on the field of course, however not every undersized receiver can be compared to Devonta Smith.Jordan Addison - Underrated in 2023 WR draft class. I’ve been doing some research and I think Addison is an amazing wide receiver. My thoughts on why below: early breakout age. produced in multiple situations. great separator, good hands (has improved his drops from sophomore season), and is very fast. great yac ability for his size.Continue browsing in r/DynastyFF. r/DynastyFF. Welcome to Dynasty Fantasy Football. Dynasty Leagues are growing and many players are delving in for the first time. While the rules are almost similar, the strategy may be a little different than a normal league. Feel free to discuss and ask your questions regarding Dynasty Leagues here.Hey guys, I'm commissioner of an MFL league and we have our first rookie draft coming up this year. As someone who is new to dynasty, I had a few…Looks like he left an entire team off the grid and has doubles of another team. You're right. I noticed the double 9th picks, but didn't notice it's completely missing all 5th picks. I wrote the article when referencing the actual draft board, so once the images are swapped it'll be right as rain. Gibbs went in the fifth btw.

League settings and team comp of the pick matter a lot. A '26 1st is not that much less valuable than a '25 1st - maybe 15% difference. A 2026 1st still has a lot more value to me than a 3rd in the current year. If the team trading is awful and your pick is at the end of the round the future pick could be worth more.

r/DynastyFF • I sift through all the fantasy football headlines and send a quick and easy summary of the best nuggets from each week to your inbox. This week’s issue: All your 1st round rookies are about to suck

Lopsided trade causing issues. Superflex 2WR 2RB 2 FLEX Player 1 (commissioner) - gets Ceedee and a 2025 3rd Player 2 gets - Ryan Tannehill and a 2024 2nd. The league is extremely upset, myself included. Ceedee went 13th overall in our startup 7 weeks ago. Now, there is no collusion.139. 239. r/DynastyFF. Join. • 5 days ago. A guy in my league pushed for divisions and the commissioner agreed without a vote. The commissioner posted the divisions today and the guy who's idea it was to have divisions decided that the best team in his division should be swapped with the worst team in my division. 102.The Shang and Zhou dynasties shared an interest in education, domestic family structure and socioeconomic segregation but differed in their academic interests and approaches to government.You have to pay a small membership fee but it's super worth it. Fantasy Pros has plenty of stuff for free and then some additional content that's paid. It's the number one site I'd recommend to new dynasty players to get started. Dynasty League Football is a good one.Quick thread regarding Isiah Pacheco. Hello again, everyone. Figured I'd jump in real quick with some thoughts on a hot topic as of late. When you play dynasty long enough, you start to notice the same conversations happen year after year. The fundamentals remain the same, but the names of the players involved change.Get the membership for $35 instead of $50. I'm 2 years in but have paid for less than 1. Their content is good, the trade calc is good for sanity checks, the ADP and rankings seem very polished too. They're might be better stuff out there but the value is on DLF if you take advantage of the promos.The Athletic’s first 2024 Mock Draft. Link here for anybody who wants to read, 1 round mock. Handful of dynasty relevant players, could be a big year for Superflex. 1.01 - Caleb Williams, QB (USC) - Arizona. 1.02 - Marvin Harrison Jr, WR (OSU) - Chicago.

In regular fantasy football he will be a nightmare to predict which game he goes off. Daniel Jones will throw that great deep ball to keep defenses honest but this isn't Diggs running multiple routes in a Dabol offense breaking the system. Maybe Hyatt refines his game and Daniel Jones is even more competent and uses him regularly.24.8. 3522. 50. Kyle Pitts. TE5. 23.0. 3463. 1 – 50 of 401. Algorithmically generated dynasty fantasy football rankings, trade values, and tools created from hundreds of thousands real trades.Thanks so much! Big things coming in 2022! "Sonic Truth Dynasty" is the best dynasty podcast out there currently. The two hosts have amazing chemistry and dynasty knowledge. I can't even measure how much I've learned from them over the years. They have amazing resources on their website and apps too.Some Idiot's Rookie Rankings - 2023. It's ironic that the 2023 draft class received so much hype because it's the weakest I've scouted since I began playing dynasty. Frankly, I don't feel confident about any picks beyond the top six, and my suggestion is to trade those picks for established players or future selections. When do you start drafting IDP for your dynasty team? Going to being doing a 12 team .5 PPR dynasty startup draft in a couple weeks. Starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR Flex, 2 DL/DE, 2 DB. 32 Rounds for the 9 Bench Spots & 8 Taxi Squad Spots. There will also be 3 IR Spots. When do you starting going after the quality Defensive players?You should be able to see your sleeper roster with all the 2023 projections. You can see how your sleeper league stacks up with the new projections at www.dynastysuperflex.com. If you're unfamiliar with my site, it aggregates rankings and projections from top sources for your Sleeper league. View the Dynasty Rankings, compiled from KTC ...WR Hit Rates by Year and NFL Draft Round. I recently shared RB hit rates by draft class and round ( RB Hit Rates by Year and NFL Draft Round ). With rookie drafts underway, I have now charted WR hit rates by draft class and by round, going back to 2013. I have removed 2022 data for WRs, because it is too early to call some of these players misses.

Face-Financial • 6 mo. ago. I am actually looking for serious fantasy football players to do a dynasty league that is in the startup stage at the moment. we're half full! sending u a dm! Edit: 2 spots left. sparklepants9000. Panthers. • 6 mo. ago. Feel free to send me a request as well!

Start dealing at the 2021 startup draft. 2024 is a class that also is showing signs of greatness, you get the picks at a discount further out. Also in-season trades that incrementally upgrade a player plus a 3rd for a 2nd, and then turn those 2nds plus players into 1sts. 1. Human_Power_3366. 49ers.Best thing you can do is keep the lines of conversation open to make sure you still have a chance to match something if possible. I was in a situation like this recently, and knew I was the first one to make an offer. I asked the owner to give me right of first refusal as a solid, since I was first.7. speedyclouds • 4 mo. ago. I think in most SF leagues Bijan/Stroud/Young/AR will go 1-4. If you're aiming for Gibbs I'd try trading down to 1.05. Or if you want Bijan I'd say trade up to the 1.01, especially if you know the other team wants AR and can get a little extra on top instead of taking him the 1.01. 4.Vikings. • 10 mo. ago. Jaxon Smith- njiba is no longer consensus and probably after the NFL draft will be very few guys wr1. There is a consensus top 4 though. Jaxon Smith- ninja, Quinton Johnson, Jordan Addison, kayshon boutte. There's been a lot of NFL buzz that Njiba isn't as high on their list as people think.Skyy Moore is a rookie who played at a small college, Western Michigan, who’s level of competition isn’t even remotely comparable to the NFL (and most of the other WR Prospects in 2022). Skyy certainly dominated enough in college, and had the athleticism/traits to be regarded as a 2nd rounder by NFL Front Offices.For anyone curious, the list was published around week 6 or 7 of the college season last year and I wrote it down on a piece of paper. Oct 2022 - 2023 12 Team Rookie SF PPR Projected Picks: 1.01 Bryce Young. 1.02 CJ Stroud. 1.03 Bijan Robinson. 1.04 Zach Evans. 1.05 Jahmyr Gibbs. 1.06 Jaxon Smith-Njigba.Lopsided trade causing issues. Superflex 2WR 2RB 2 FLEX Player 1 (commissioner) - gets Ceedee and a 2025 3rd Player 2 gets - Ryan Tannehill and a 2024 2nd. The league is extremely upset, myself included. Ceedee went 13th overall in our startup 7 weeks ago. Now, there is no collusion. What's up y'all? As we start preparing for our rookie drafts, Mike has 7 sleepers to add to your team that are either 5th-round picks or waiver wire adds (ADP outside the top-48). What are some players you hope that make it to you late in drafts or are waiver wire pickups? Love Puka. Take him in the 4th at the end of all mocks.

Hope everyone's rookie drafts and offseasons have gone well so far. Here at KeepTradeCut we've been hard at work on a huge new feature, and we're thrilled to finally get to share it with the community!. Very excited to introduce our new League Power Rankings - a tool to help you rank and visualize your own leagues, using KTC's real time market values for players and picks.

With Justin Jefferson's record setting first 2 seasons, I'm curious how everyone would rank the top WR values of all-time, as well as when they were beginning their peak. Personally, I'd probably go (with year i'd want to start my shares): Randy Moss - Rookie Year. AB - 2014. Megatron - 2008.

Dynasty Fantasy Football: Players to Stash for 2022. Here’s a good article talking about some players to trade for and stash this season for next if you’re in a rebuild, also has some deeper free targets who could hit next season! Talks all positions as well! There’s definitely some truth to this. It’s always talent/situation in a vacuum… but in the case of rookies, situation can often trump talent (at least initially). Prime example from this year is Christian Watson averaging more PPG than London in PPR, despite London being clearly the more talented player. 2.From 206 B.C. to A.D. 221, the Han Dynasty saw advancements in technology, philosophy and trade. However, internal and external influences caused the collapse of the Han Dynasty in the year A.D. 221.When do you start drafting IDP for your dynasty team? Going to being doing a 12 team .5 PPR dynasty startup draft in a couple weeks. Starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR Flex, 2 DL/DE, 2 DB. 32 Rounds for the 9 Bench Spots & 8 Taxi Squad Spots. There will also be 3 IR Spots. When do you starting going after the quality Defensive players?1. machogrande1 • 6 mo. ago. But in a 1 qb league, they are worth less than superflex. Obviously but if you are stacked at other positions and your QB is averaging like 18 PPG, trading for a QB that gives you a locked in 5-10 more PPG with potential 40 point explosions, you would absolutely try and get one for a reasonable price.Welcome to Dynasty Fantasy Football Trades Here are a few sites that will help you get a basic value on trades and view completed trades: Keeptradecut.com. Dynasty-daddy.com. Fantasycalc.com. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. More posts from r ...6t,\( fo G\. v k '1 :Ff==:½.k: G, e "'"" rbr +r- "'.Honestly, this option might be a little extreme, but you could just lock all the players from the two teams entirely until those players retire. It would keep the player pool a little smaller at first, but it wouldn't be any different than the years before when there were still 12 teams. It'd be like a 12 team league in terms of players, but ...I subscribed to Fantasy Pros premium last year and enjoy it, but I'm interested in hearing what everyone else thinks is worth buying. Dynasty Nerds Dynasty GM tool is the best I've found for Dynasty. Has rankings for dynasty/contender, built in trade calculator, fully integrates with Sleeper.JJ averaged 3.2 PPG more than Chase last year (and finished 1OA at position). So far in their careers he is pretty far ahead of Chase at winning fantasy games. 8. Swoody11 •. Titans. • 4 mo. ago. The difference is likely so negligible heading into Y3+ for both of these guys that it's a fruitless discussion.Dynasty leagues on Sleeper. Setting up a new league - everyone loves sleeper but we're struggling to figure out how to handle contracts/etc. on sleeper. Would love some feedback from those of you who have found success with it. Edit: this all stems from the league as a whole being fairly burnt out on MFL's layout.

Allen, Mahomes, Burrow, Herbert, TLaw, Hurts, Lamar are all ahead of him for sure imo. Dak is probably slightly ahead due to the cowboys having better weapons. Murray is about equal to Deshaun imo. So somewhere around QB 9/10.r/DynastyFF • A guy in my league pushed for divisions and the commissioner agreed without a vote. The commissioner posted the divisions today and the guy who’s idea it was to have divisions decided that the best team in his division should be swapped with the worst team in my division.Over the last 4 weeks of last season he saw over 75% snap share and 100% in week 17. He finished as RB1 in week 16, rushing for over 100 yards in 3/4 weeks. Seems like he’s moving like he used to (pre achilles tear), and finally figuring it out with the Rams. Oh, and he’s also only 23. IMO he’s a high end RB2 (with serious potential to be ...Instagram:https://instagram. book about scopes trialwhere is ku located in kansasmatt guilianodollar tree official website I haven’t seen a post like this, so I’m wondering what you’ve seen Dalton going for now that there’s been time to trade him. Please denote whether… press conference releasegary reich The top RBs and WRs are about the same value. But as you move down the rankings RBs have a much larger and sharper fall off. So on average RBs are more valuable do to scarcity. There’s about 24 WRs from ranks 13-36 that could all easily finish as a mid range WR2 - this is not the case for RB. slickguns today Speakin' on Keaton: Ravens UDFA RB Aims for 53-man Roster and Your Dynasty Squad. He is not an elephant. Very small size for an NFL RB. He played at ECU around 182-184 pounds, weighed in at the Combine at 179, and is now 191-192 (Sleeper and Google). He's gotta make the team.Consensus of 3 Experts - Oct 04, 2023. "Latest Update" refers to when we last checked for revised rankings. Please note that we have no control over how frequently the experts update their ...